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Global Macro Outlook: Price and Currency Trends


By: Frank Badillo

The global macro outlook for price and currency trends includes a renewed threat from Greece. In this environment, look for the U.S. dollar to rebound from its recent dip, fuel prices to keep rising, and food price pressures to be determined by regional conditions.

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Sam’s Club’s Q1 2016 Results: One Step Forward, Two Steps Back


By: Timothy Campbell

Sam’s Club’s reported Q1 results revealed uncertainty in the strength and extent of Sam’s Club’s renewed efforts to drive member value and elevate merchandising.

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Is Family Dollar Headed North of the Border?


By: Mike Paglia, Robin Sherk

How will Family Dollar fit in the retail landscape?

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Albertsons-Safeway - The Five Slides You Need


By: Mike Paglia

Our Kantar Retail experts’ Point of View on Albertsons-Safeway - SWOT Analysis, Key Initiatives, US Shopper Profile, Key Financials, Growth Forecasts, and Supplier Implications.

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Apparel Store Visits: Flagship Edition


By: Tiffany Hogan

Many major retailers are stepping up their game in stores, starting with sprawling flagship stores that create an all-encompassing brand experience for shoppers. This deck looks at some of the key flagship stores in New York, and what they’re doing to engage shoppers.

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Examining the Asda Influence Anticipated at Walmart's Supercenter


By: Robin Sherk

This report examines Asda’s practices and recent store innovation to identify the approaches U.S. suppliers should anticipate coming to the Supercenter.


Improved Consumer Sentiment and Housing Trends Bode Well for Spending Plans, According to Past Week’s Macro Data


By: Doug Hermanson

Housing and consumer confidence trends suggest shoppers’ stepped up their spending over the Memorial Day weekend. These are among the insights available in this article that summarizes the latest retail and macro data through the lens of Kantar Retail’s economist team.