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Déjà Vu? Sam’s Club’s New Strategies are Strangely Familiar


By: Timothy Campbell

Sam's Club's recent strategic announcements herald commitment and level-headed thinking from the leadership. But is it enough to overcome its competitive challenges?

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Organizational Shifts on Deck at Walmart: Our Take

Walmart announced today a number of organizational shifts at senior levels just ahead of its Investor Day meeting—seeking to demonstrate to Wall Street its continued efforts to reinvent its approach to core strategies.

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Halloween 2015: Bringing Retail Excitement Back to Life

What better way to kick off the busiest, and quite possibly the most frightening, shopping season of the year than with Halloween? All shoppers can enjoy this festive holiday, which means any retailer can carve out its share of the holiday pie.

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Houston, Do We Have a Problem? Eliminates Membership Fees


By: Timothy Campbell founder Marc Lore has announced his company will no longer require a membership fee to shop. Can Jet navigate such a risky move?

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Hidden Gems of the Grocery Channel 2015: Series III


By: Alida Destrempe

“Hidden Gems” is designed to provide ideas for smaller retailers that Kantar Retail does not track on a regular basis. These retailers may not be viewed as the largest customers, but are still important. Kantar Retail offers insights and shares the latest news on ‘the other guys’ in the channel.

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Quarterly Home Improvement Review - Second Quarter, Fiscal 2015


By: Laura Kennedy

Home Depot and Lowe’s posted strong quarters despite uneven weather trends, as big ticket purchases and projects continued to drive growth. This report examines those results as well as the retailers’ newest initiatives, and provides implications for suppliers.

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Walmart Canada - The Five Slides You Need


By: Robin Sherk

This slide summary provides Kantar Retail experts’ Point of View on Walmart Canada: SWOT Analysis, Key Initiatives, Customer Profile, Growth Forecasts, and Supplier Implications.

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U.S. Online Grocery Snapshot

The Online Grocery Snapshot is designed to provide an overview of where certain grocery retailers stand with their online grocery operations. This snapshot will provide detail on the logistics, pricing, and delivery models certain retailers are deploying or testing.

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Reimagining Value in Apparel Retailing


By: Tiffany Hogan

Even in the world of fast-fashion apparel, the lowest price is no longer always the answer as shoppers look for more than just the biggest “bang for their buck.” Coming up, we’ll take a look at how new businesses are disrupting traditional retail, and offering shoppers a new kind of value.

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Shopper: September 2015 Shopper View: Monthly Dashboard


By: Caroline Gormley

This quick overview of what's trending in ShopperScape® shows which retailers are up and which are down in terms of the size of their overall shopper bases, which shoppers are the most upbeat in their near-term spending plans, and much, much more.