Custom & Applied Research

Kantar Retail offers a range of customized research solutions, working collaboratively with our key clients. Clients most often seek our help with the following:

  1. Customized Research: informing strategic initiatives with data-driven, fact-based analysis
  2. Advisory Services: applying our industry knowledge to guide or improve key capabilities
  3. Blended Learning: integrating our insights to deepen retailers and suppliers' knowledge base
Custom & Applied Research

What We Do

Custom & Applied Research solutions address a range of client needs--from forecasting of key accounts, to new item launch due diligence, to SWOT-analysis of capabilities gaps, and industry benchmarking.

Examples of Recent Work

  • Predicting macro-economic or shopper trends likely to emerge by 2020, or aligning for growth in saturating or hyper-competitive retail "ecosytems" — often by partnering with sister companies.
  • Mapping retail evolution across Latin America, global and local retailer segmentation in Russia, and benchmarks of best-in-class retailing across developing economies around the globe.
  • Segmenting of US FDM and Club key accounts based on new growth forecasts and new urban format tests.
  • Guiding/advising a new item launch outside center store/home location.
  • Architecting blended learning solutions—most typically requiring eLearning and onsite workshops integrated into national sales meetings, or full-year skills-based assessment and workshop series -- from bootcamp sessions to executive education series.
  • Benchmarking best-in-class shopper insights and shopper marketing programs across a range of CPGs and categories.

How We Work

Our subject matter experts have a bias to action, working collaboratively and leveraging interactive online and proprietary tools to meet a variety of time and logistics challenges. We prefer to interact with and co-develop our deliverables working with our key partners.

What Clients Say

We're "flexible," "on point," "highly relevant," and "right-sized" to their budgets.