Kantar Retail's ShareGroups bring together non-compete companies to have an open conversation regarding our common challenges and opportunities.

  • Share real-life examples of Best Practices that provide relevant, actionable insights
  • Brainstorm and Problem Solve on the key items that we are struggling with to help create strategies that will address them
  • Promote new thinking that will improve execution against our challenges and opportunities

We have ShareGroup teams that focus on specific channels on Mass, Warehouse Club, Drug, Grocery, Digital and Home Improvement. We also have two teams focused on Shopper Insights.

Team-Generated Areas of Discussion

  • Top of Mind: Updates on the Economy, Industry, Channels, and Retailers
  • Client Best Practices: Talent Acquisition, Team Structure, Speed to Market, Supply Chain Leadership, Training and Skill Development, Strategic Management of Trade Spending, The Team Leader as General Manager, Tools for Consumer and Shopper Solutions
  • Retailer Trade Practices: In-store Execution, Health & Wellness Initiatives, Top to Top Best Practices, Sustainability & Carbon Footprint Needs and Demands, Customer Segmentation
  • Problem Solving and Brainstorming: ShareGroup members openly discuss our challenges seeking the teamís advice and guidance on move forward strategies, tactics, must haves, and watch outs
  • Team Member Case Studies: In-depth sharing of successful programs and processes to offer innovative ideas and strategies that should prove valuable to other ShareGroup team members

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