It’s the (al)most wonderful time of the year

Despite a tepid shopping environment in previous months, October shopper penetration paints a positive picture for the coming months as holiday shopping activity is kicked into gear. No channel attracted fewer shoppers vs. October 2017, and 13 of the 18 channels tracked reaped significant increases in shopper penetration (indices ≥ 103). The overall positive landscape suggests holiday shopping is in full swing and will continue to ramp up in November with Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Minor changes in spending landscape for November

The spending intentions landscape remains relatively unchanged, despite intentions to spend the same ticking slightly higher for the third consecutive month. All cohorts saw an uptick in intentions to spend more in October, notable for two of the four cohorts after prolonged periods of steadiness, including Older Haves and Younger Have Nots. Home Depot and Best Buy shoppers reported higher than average plans to spend more compared to all shoppers.

Walmart takes lead in CE; Home Depot solidifies top position in HI; Competition for loyalty grows in home furnishings

The ranking for overall shopper preferences for home improvement retailers remains unchanged, but Home Depot widened the gap between itself and top competitor, Lowe’s for home improvement. Despite the consistency in terms of overall share of preference, competition heated up between the top two home furnishings retailers. For consumer electronics, Best Buy continues to lead the channel in terms of loyalty despite a decrease compared with a year ago, but as CE retailers head into the holidays, competition to get more out of existing shoppers will be fierce.

Monthly Content Updates

Holiday 2018 shopper preview
Shoppers entered the 2018 holiday shopping season with a “maintain” spending mindset, but will encounter higher prices due to inflation that are likely to spur more deal-seeking; online in general, and Amazon in particular, will gain more holiday shoppers this season.

How shoppers evaluate retailers: Hearts, minds, and dollars
The retail landscape today is a fiercely competitive one, with retailers vying—with the help of their supplier partners—to win shoppers’ hearts, minds, and dollars.

A retail landscape without Sears?
Sears’ Chapter 11 filing last month makes a retail landscape without Sears a more likely (though not inevitable) scenario. Though the demise of a 100+ year-old stalwart would be a significant change in that landscape, Kantar Consulting believes that the shopper impact would be modest. 

Drug Channel Annual Shopper Review
As the drug shopper continues to evolve, the pharmacy continues to be a trip driver. However, shoppers are increasingly looking for convenience and holistic value.

Walmart shopper fundamentals
At Kantar Consulting’s recent Walmart Workshop, our experts discussed Walmart’s way forward from a strategic and shopper perspective. This condensed presentation includes key shopper slides to show the shopper challenges and opportunities at Walmart.

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