Shopping incidence sees less movement in March

March presented a mix of shopper penetration levels, with half of all channels attracting at least comparable levels of shopper penetration and 6 of the 16 channels tracked attracting more shoppers compared with the same period a year ago. The biggest winners for the month were craft/hobby retailers, office supply retailers, and pet supply retailers.

Retail spending intentions: Positive spending landscape in March

Shoppers’ intentions to spend more is on an upward trajectory, while the share of shoppers planning to spend less decreases. Younger Have Nots’ intentions to spend at least the same dove lower in March. Both Younger Haves’ and Older Have Nots’ spending plans are optimistic, while Older Haves remain steady.

Casual & Dress Apparel: Amazon jumps to the top of shoppers’ apparel destinations

Amazon headlines the key shifts in this quarter’s apparel shopping destination reporting. It is now the retailer with the highest share of preference for dress apparel, overtaking the historical leader, Kohl’s. Walmart holds onto its lead in casual apparel by just 1 percentage point. This initial jump in preference for Amazon may not signify a change in the long-term but underlines the growing strength of Amazon’s apparel business.

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