Walmart and Target both offered fairly straightforward competitive initiatives in response to Amazon’s two-day Prime Day retail holiday. Both retailers so far have focused primarily on deals online, with Walmart elevating its year-round Savings Center to “The Big Save” and Target counting down to its two-day “Deal Days” program. Both retailers have focused their efforts largely on key general merchandise categories where they compete with Amazon, including consumer electronics, home devices, and baby.

Source: Walmart

Source: Target

Unsurprisingly, the retailers’ variety of fulfillment options were also on display, particularly in individual item listings that highlighted not only speedy options (e.g., next-day delivery at Walmart), but also those that are most profitable for the retailers (e.g., order pickup for Target). Target also offered a deal aligned specifically with Shipt, where shoppers who spent $100 using the same-day delivery service (across categories, not just groceries) would get a $20 Target gift card in return.

Source: Target

From there, though, the two mass retailers’ approaches diverged. Walmart has aimed to capitalize on its reach. The retailer noted on its website that its deals are “exclusive to everyone” and repeated its reminder that its free two-day shipping offer is available without a membership fee. Along the same lines, while the retailer kept its Online Grocery platform out of the counter-Prime Day campaign, the web traffic does give Walmart the opportunity to continue to highlight its expanded acceptance of SNAP and EBT payments across all Online Grocery stores.

Target has focused a bit more on exclusivity, offering one-day online deals in several categories. On day one, Target highlighted its deals on furniture, a category where its private label brands play a key role. Elsewhere, Target offered a few dozen one-day store-only deals exclusive to Cartwheel on consumables, such as household supplies, beauty, and pet care.



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