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Winning the grocery growth challenge

8 Nov 2019 / By: Ray Gaul

British grocery retailers and brands want to spend time finding ways to grow, they just have less time to do it. Grocers have been forced to downsize teams – driving more with fewer people. Brands have had to embrace a new landscape by selling to eCommerce operators, discounters, and specialty stores such as organic food stores – reaching the same consumers in more ways. The result is that both supermarkets and brands need to be methodical in their approaches to finding growth in supermarkets which still accounts for more than two-thirds of all food consumption in Britain. At Kantar, we think a three-step process is the most practical solution to this challenge.

Backing up for a moment, the literature on growth is vast and wide-ranging but almost always it tends to come down to buzz words like disruption and transformation, with little real guidance about what to do. This suffices when all that’s needed is a wake- up call to bear down harder and smarter on the comfortable places that conform to business as usual. This has been the case for decades. It is true no longer. This is no longer just a wake-up call, this is an indelible change in the ways that brands and grocery stores work with each other.

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