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Amazon pumps up its presence with Alexa-ExxonMobil partnership

13 Jan 2020 / By: Rachel Dalton

It’s no secret that one way Amazon expands its presence is with Alexa. That’s consistent with the company’s strategy to further embed itself into customers’ everyday routines by innovating devices and voice. Now, on the heels of launching an extensive lineup of Echo products last fall, Amazon is moving even faster to bring its famous voice assistant to more places, wherever you are.

Last week at CES 2020, Amazon announced several more partnerships with automobile manufacturers to continue expanding Alexa integration into cars. It also announced additional Alexa-enabled car devices similar to Echo Auto.

Later this year, Amazon will unveil a compelling new Alexa feature that will allow users to easily pump and pay for gas with their Alexa-integrated car or device. Through its partnership with ExxonMobil, customers at any of the 11,500+ Exxon and Mobil stations in the U.S. will simply say, “Alexa, pay for gas.” That command will prompt the pump they are parked at to activate. Payment is automatically posted through Amazon Pay via Fiserv.

Where else will Amazon go? First, look homeward. It will continue to solidify its presence throughout the home with innovative devices and Smart Home development. Second, look to your home away from home. Whether that is your car, your office, or other places you frequent throughout the day, Amazon wants to be there.

Watch for Amazon to forge new paths that innovate the meaning of convenience while delighting its customers. Those innovations will have one thing in common: making Amazon truly indispensable.

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