Expand eCommerce opportunities by developing successful multichannel digital retail strategies aligned to shoppers' changing paths to purchase.
  • Graphic Insights: Singles Day 2019
    Get seven key insights from China on how the Singles Day 2019 sales event broke records, setting a new bar for global eCommerce strategy.
  • The Retail Reveal: Digital trends - the rise of visual search
    Product search and discovery is moving beyond text towards the image. Millennial and younger shoppers demand immediacy of availability and new ...
  • Online Grocery and the evolving omnichannel implications
    The store plays an expanding role in Walmart’s fulfillment modes, notably Online Grocery. Walmart will continue to look for opportunities to optimize ...
  • Amazon North America Q3 2019 Results
    This slide summary report evaluates the Q3 2019 financial results, highlights key North America initiatives, and discusses implications for suppliers.
  • Navigating Amazon’s path forward in grocery
    Review the online grocery landscape and Amazon’s position. Understand Amazon grocery shoppers’ mindsets and motivations. Evaluate the impact of ...
  • eBay: The five slides you need
    Get up to speed on this pure-play retailer with our SWOT analysis, shopper profile, financial overview, a look at major strategic initiatives, ...

Identify and leverage emerging trends in digital retail, technology, supply chain, and marketing to grow eCommerce and better target shoppers across multiple channels.

Interactive Chart: Amazon and Prime Penetration

Amazon's rise as a retail force has been swift and steady. To better understand the growing reach of Amazon among shoppers, use this interactive graphic to see the multi-year trend in shopping Amazon.com and Prime membership.
Line: Percent of U.S. Households Shopped Amazon.com during Past Four Weeks
Bars: Percent of U.S. Households with Amazon Prime Membership*

Understanding Pure Play Retailers

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Transforming with Amazon

13 Dec 2019

By: Rachel Dalton.  46 Slides

Amazon is experiencing more pressure as it scales and expands into new geographies amid slowing Prime membership growth in the U.S.

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It’s just commerce

13 Dec 2019

By: Todd Szahun.  35 Slides

A perspective on what it takes to succeed now.

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Managing Turkey's Online Platforms

5 Dec 2019

By: Derya Guvenc.  43 Slides

We look at the similarities and differences amongst eCommerce players in the landscape and propose a segmentation approach to align limited resources with a wide range of operators that include Hepsiburada, Gittir, Gittigidiyor, N11, Amazon, Migros Sanal Market, CarrefourSA and more.

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It’s that time of year again, when we all get over excited about Black Friday. Amazon’s brainchild is celebrating its 10th Birthday, reaffirming its place as a stalwart in the retail calendar. Over that decade of existence, however, the frenzies seen in its early years have lessened ...


Singles Day 2019 shows how Alibaba is changing the eCommerce game everywhere

14 Nov 2019

  By: Harriet Leach

Discover how 2019’s record-breaking Singles Day shopping festival unfolded and how Alibaba is innovating to reach new audiences and generate higher sales and shopper engagement.

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The Shoppers' Evolving Path to Purchase

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Kantar, in collaboration with MediaCom China, has published the whitepaper Decoding Desire in the China Luxury Social Ecosystem. A large-scale research project was undertaken to unlock the formula luxury brands need to activate their social media effectively from an audience-first approach. ...

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Selling alcohol online

17 Oct 2019

By: Kate McGee.  15 Slides

We look at the challenges and opportunities retailers and suppliers face in this fast-growing, but highly regulated and complex category.

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Digital Payment Transformation: What’s happening now. What’s happening next

23 Sep 2019

By: Kantar Research Team, Harriet Leach.  35 Slides

Digital payment development is accelerating at unparalleled speed, transforming how shoppers pay and interact with retailers and brands. Kantar's comprehensive overview and analysis of the current and future landscape is essential reading to gain understanding of this crucial aspect of retail.

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Rethinking big store perimeters

2 Sep 2019  By: Ray Gaul

Retailing in the Week Ahead – Week 36, 2019 Conventional wisdom has it that the inside perimeter of big stores is where services are positioned. These include the lottery tickets, tobacco lockers, newsstand, or a click & collect area, even cafés/restaurants. This makes sense ...

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In our most recent loyalty research Kantar found that attaining consumer loyalty is a continuous challenge for suppliers facing a multitude of external factors in their attempts to understand complex drivers behind shopper decision-making. At the same time, new data insights are increasingly ...

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Developing Multichannel Strategies

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Enabling fulfillment

13 Dec 2019

By: Christina Anderson, Rachel Dalton.  32 Slides

Retailers continue to focus on developing a range of fulfillment methods to meet shopper needs, fundamentally changing shopper behavior. Suppliers seek to capitalize on incremental opportunities, ensure they remain in-stock, and meet shopper requirements to stay relevant.

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The eCommerce climate: Changing requirements amid digital disruption

13 Dec 2019

By: Rachel Dalton.  37 Slides

Digital disrupters are changing the landscape. New players and new commerce models are advancing, and shoppers are more empowered than ever to choose how they buy and receive products.

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Kantar Worldpanel, the global market leader in consumer panels, reports that overall FMCG market growth remained strong at 4.7% in the 12 weeks to 1 November. The growth rate is marginally lower than the previous period as consumers held back their spending ahead of the Singles Day Double 11 ...

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US eCommerce outlook: Category group forecasts

10 Dec 2019

By: Doug Hermanson.  10 Slides

See Kantar’s U.S. online and in-store category spending forecasts to 2024. In addition, gain access to all data and charts for 15 online categories.

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Changes in the Competitive Landscape

5 Dec 2019

By: Ray Gaul.  37 Slides

In this introductory session we recap what’s happened since 2018, with a focus on key elements driving retail growth. We’ll look at operating margins and commercial margins and how they have changed in a high-inflation environment and ask which retailers are winning and losing in Turkey?

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Staying Ahead of Emerging Trends

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Cyber Week 2019 recap: North America

9 Dec 2019

By: Kantar Research Team, Rachel Dalton.  61 Slides

Kantar examines key themes emerging from the 2019 Cyber Week sales events, with visual examples of retailer execution.

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Winning the grocery growth challenge

8 Nov 2019  By: Ray Gaul

British grocery retailers and brands want to spend time finding ways to grow, they just have less time to do it. Grocers have been forced to downsize teams – driving more with fewer people. Brands have had to embrace a new landscape by selling to eCommerce operators, discounters, and specialty ...

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From the Desks of… Ray Gaul and Derya Güvenç The Turkish retail market continues to be one of the most complex and challenging yet rewarding markets in Europe for global brands. Commercial teams at global brands in Turkey face increased pressure and will face intense negotiations ...

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Double-clicking on the physical footprint

23 Oct 2019

By: Rachel Dalton.  31 Slides

Explore Amazon’s omnichannel evolution and the latest insights on Whole Foods Market. Map its widespread physical touchpoints with shoppers. Gain insights into Amazon’s omnichannel strategies and brand-building initiatives.

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The rise of celebrity beauty brands

10 Oct 2019

By: Tiffany Hogan, Caroline Dumas.  16 Slides

Celebrity beauty brands are on the rise. See what their success means for the category and what traditional brands can learn from their success.

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